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don't know either. we decideed not to find out. going to leave it to the heavens and let it be a surprise in july. my son said, i'd like a little boy or a little girl or a little fox or a little wolf. someone is going be disappointed. here's shepard. >> shepard: we were just saying you look amazing. >> megyn: thank you for saying that. now this is the point in the pregnancy where people start to say inappropriate thing about your body, and i'm going to conduct an experiment just calling them out on that. you said something wonderful and i thank you for it. >> shepard: it's a fact. thank you, meg. see you later. news begins anew. some huge new clues we have now that could change a lot about what we know about what we need in the boston terror attacks. specifically how much the dead suspects' widow really knew, and
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guess where relatives say they now want to bury the suspect? plus, some promising numbers on the job front. man, we got great news. helped push the dow to an all-time high. we were above 15,000 a little while ago. a treacherous west coast wildfire has forced officials to shut down parts of eye iconic highway. this thing is enormous and growing. we're live on scene ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> but first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city, some potentially game-changing details in the boston terror attack. centered around the older suspect's widow. her name is katherine russell. fox news reached out to her attorney about reports she suddenly quit cooperating with investigators. so far no response from that attorney. remember, late yesterday, authorities confirmed to fox news it's likely the two brothers built their explosive in the apartment that tamerlan
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tsarnaev shared with his wife, an 800 square foot apartment. last week one of her lawyers said the witness to was in shout shock when she learn her husband and his brother were the prime suspects in the bombings. >> as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, katy deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims. >> shepard: keep in mind katy russell does not face any charges, at least not right now. but our source says it appears the suspects belt not just one bomb but at least four types tyf improvised explosive devices at the same small apartment where the life lived. >> new develops and catherine has information. >> the search familiar with the information told fox news the bombs are believed to have been built in this very small apartment of tamerlan tsarnaev in cambridge, massachusetts.
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this raises many questions about his wife, katherine russell. this is a mug shot from a shoplifting arrest and whether she and he baby were still living with tamerlan at the time of this alleged activity. it's not clear when she moved out. fox 2 asked russell0s attorney to comment on reports that while he initially cooperated, chev is no longer cooperated. >> she had conversations with them before hand. she lived with them. she saw his changed attitude. she has some explaining to do or some very difficult questions to answer. >> the national security -- confirmed to fox news the brothers are alleged to have built four different type0s improvised explosive devices, not just one, which is what you have seen in this home-grown terrorist cases but it was not only the variety put also the effectiveness. virtually all of the ieds're. effective. >> it's my understanding officials are checking into more
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student visas. >> fox news confirming the fallout from boston include majors security change at the border. customs agents-now being instructed to verify every foreign student entering the u.s. has a valid student series sample one of two students from kazakhstan charged with on instructing justice in the bombing investigation, had withdrop from classes at umass dartmouth. he was able to re-enter the u.s. two weeks later because border agents were never notified of the change. a homeland security spokesperson described the step aspirational and common sense. separately a u.s. official emphasized the two saturday cack students had no derogatory or negative information in theravee a files, which foreign students have a 30-day grace period to update their status. >> shepard: catherine, thanks very minute. the undel of the dead bombing suspect, well, the uncle says his nephews brought shame on the
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family. and according to a family spokeswoman, that uncle is the one who is now making decisions about the burial, the worcester massachusetts mayor's office says the funeral will be the that city, but the suspect's father says the family wants to bury him in boston, in the same city where the feds say he killed three people and wounded more than 200 others. david lee miller is in boston. where is the suspect's body now, david lee? >> it is in a funeral home in worcester, tamerlan tsarnaev is in his second funeral home in two days time. he was elusive in life and appears to be elusive in death as well. the background here. his remains were at the medical examiner's office for 14 days. finally they were released to a family member. they were taken to funeral home in north massachusetts, 24 hours ago. and then hours later, the remains, under cover of
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darkness, were moved yet again. listen to the reaction from angry local residents. [shouting] >> as i said, his remains are now at a funeral home in worcester, massachusetts. the funeral director offers no apologies for saying he is willing to bur arguably the most hated man in america year when you say -- i'm happying to bury a body that has to be buried. in this country we bury the dead. >> family members say that they would like an autopsy performed before there is any type of burial service. the family, specific through parents in russia, have stated repeatedly they do not believe the account of what happened from u.s. authorities. >> shepard: and david lee, a new search at the university where the younger of the two suspects was a student? >> that's right. there was a search that took place during the last five hours. it involved local, state, and
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federal authorities, the lead agency was alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. i just talked to a spokesman for the lead agency and was informed the search is now over. i tried to ascertain how long they were willing to continue searching. and basically i was told as long as necessary. again, that search ended after five hours. they will not say what they were looking for, but presumably they found it because they have stopped looking. also worth noting they were looking in public areas. they were not required to have any type of a search warrant. and lastly, i should add very quickly, just a few moments ago, spoke to a source very close to the family of katherine russ whole assured me she is in the words of the source, continuing to assist authorities. this contradict something published reports that save she is no longer cooperating. shepard? >> shepard: david lee, thanks very much. let's get analysis now. focus on the wife hoff the dead bomb suspect. we now know the bombs were made in her apartment.
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and we're hearing reports katy russell is no longer cooperating with the feds. bill bailey is with us now here in studio. bill, this woman could be very important. >> extremely. she has -- as was said earlier, she has a lot of explaining. she was apparently stole -- with this man, the older brother, she was perhaps in the apartment or would have known of the come examination going. she was work as a home health aide to basically support him and he was to be watching the daughter. you look at the family dynamic and say, what would you know was going on with your other spouse if you are limited on a small budget and they're out spending money on other things? the other brace coming over. these things need to be explained and be veer clear about. i it could bring her into the circle of someone who may have known what was being planned. >> shepard: there are reports today, reports in other
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that there were -- there's bomb residue in the kitchen, the bathroom, sounds like they were making these bombs, on which catherine has been reporting, all over the house. can we be sure she was living there at the time? no. but the father of her child was. >> i also -- this is maybe more just a subtlety. when someone has a relationship, even itch itself may be estranged. they're going to pick up on a change in someone's personality, behavior, what they're doing and their offtime, maybe how they're spend something of the limited money they shared together. so those are questions that need to be answered force the wife. adds a tremendous amount to what went on before hand. >> shepard: i'm guessing dealing with her is a tricky matter. you want to get all the information you can, i would assume, before -- itch you have anything to charge her with, before you do that. you want tote good as much information before you have to follow the law and read the
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miranda rights and she lawyers up. >> you also know at the back end they're conducting investigation. they may fine out information that if she is not cooperative now, that is not going to help her case going forward. so you start working with people who may be a witness to the incident. you whatnot to make sure they know that you're actively investigating. if you find something, that status of witness may change so they have to be very forthcoming what they tell you. >> shepard: we'll see what happens there i know they're doing a lot of investigating. i want to take you to a fire happening now on the west coast. this thing has just been absolutely awful. ventura county, camps the winds are horrible and it's so dry in california, the fear is this will be a very long fire season. it has started early. and the santa ana winds are up and it's almost impossible to fight these santa ana winds. this 50eus miles west of los angeles it erupt during morning rush today along the 101 freeway, in the camarillo area,
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and it spread really fast by the winds. yesterday morning there was a fire that started in the morning, less than an acre, and by the time fox report came on the air it was at 7,000 square -- 7,000 square acres. one of the fastest growing fires they ever had to deal with. so that gives you an idea how bad the winds are, and this is video from just like two minutes ago, while i was talking to bill, the producers are telling me. this fire is coming right up the hill. that's a home there -- looks bigger than a home but maybe a big home -- but it's in jeopardy. so the firefighters now -- they are in a position where all they can do is try to save individual structures, evacuate people as the fire comes that way, putting it out at this moment isn't an option, usually the santa ana winds die down in the late afternoon. the hope is in the late afternoon you get higher humidity as the sun goes down,
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and here you go, these are live pictures. so they're hopeful for all of that but the weather is not cooperating, and the fire season in california is underway with a bang and there are great fears what it may bring. we'll keep you updated. if you have been paying attention you probably noticed that drop in the unemployment rate often comes with an explanation it's because people have given up looking for jobs. not today. today is a new picture. it looks like more people are thankfully getting work. do you feel it in your community? they are noticing it on wall street. the dow has skyrocketed today. we're in uncharted territory again. if they tell you everything is terrible, you can tell them it's not, because it's not. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. stouffer's.
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>> shepard: good news on the economy to report today. signs of recovery appear to be gaining steam. for anyone fortunate to have a 401k, you may have a smile today. the labor department reports the
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jobless rate in april fell to 7.5%. still high, still unacceptable, but the lowest point in four and a half years. according to the feds the nation added 165,000 new jobs last month. they also revised the numbers from february and march to show that businesses had created 114,000 more jobs than previously estimated. so it's all good. the news sent wall street on a tidal wave. look at that. over 15,000 at one point, and right now, -- that's from earlier today -- up 170 points. that has never happened. never. whether it closes above that milestone remains to be seen. the market up 134 but not at 15,000 anymore. looks like some people sold off made money. millions of us are out of work. many new jobs are in the low-paying food and service and retail sector, and it's the slowest job recovery since world war ii, all those are facts. of course it's better, and lawmakers are still arguing over
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whom to congratulate and whom to blame. wendell is live at the white house. the numbers are better, wendell. it's a fast ball. they're not perfect. >> you're right, shep. both sides stray was good word but the other side should let g of the steering wheel. so more investments and roads and bridges high speed rail says the administration. >> we still need to improve our infrastructure. that will put more construction workes back to work. it will rates our competitiveness in the future. >> republicans see the glass is half empty in part they blame obamacare. >> mott what a robust recovery should look leaky believe the own healthcare isopterring paychecks because of the rules and regulations -- >> actually the healthcare sector is produce something of the most jobs but republicans say obamacare is keeping small businesses from expanding as
12:18 pm
much as they could, especially those near the 50 worker level where more responsibilities kick in. >> shepard: no doubt a lot of people, especially at the lower end of the income chain, are hurting in a big way because of sequester, but not in all the areas that had previously been suggested. >> at least not yet, shepard. there was a loss of government jobs but not enough to keep the unemployment rate from going down as well, and there doesn't seem to be much of an impact on retail sales yet. still, both sides love to hate the sequester, economic advisor allen krueger said, quote, the administration continues contine congress replace the sequester with balanced deficit reduction, and john boehner called for, quote, replacing the president's sequester with better reforms. the speaker says mr. barack obamas the sequester. the white house says only congress can replace it. >> shepard: that's what they were supposed to do in the beginning. don't they remember?
12:19 pm
good grief. i hate washington. not you, wendell. i love you. see you later. we're with the wall street journal's executive editor. the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this enemywork. a lot of things were said about sequester, a lot of them haven't happened. people at the very bottom of the inincome chain are hurt. but not everywhere. >> there's more parttimers in this jobs report. you can look around the edges and find things that will worry you. on the other hand if you pull back, it's good news. this was a notable improvement in the job picture. the unemployment rate went down for the right reasons. the revisions to the past two months that you pointed out were really important. remember, last month the numbers came in at 88,000. people said, my gosh, we're headed headed into at springtime swoons like last year that got revised
12:20 pm
upward and the previous month, too. so over the last year two million job add. that's not a -- a slow-moving recovery, truly, but it's a recovery. >> shepard: are you starting to feel it? recoveries are things that sometimes you feel in your own community. new york is not representative of the rest of the nation, i know. there's a lot of movement in our industries. my family is in mississippi. it's booming. there are more jobs. everything feels better. >> the housing mark is showing that. so almost across the board you're seeing housing prices rise, in places like new york city, really rising. you're seeing it in consumer sentiment numbers and in wall street. shouldn't downplay because housing prices going up, and wall street going up, makes people feel richer in the unemployment -- in the employment numbers you saw numbers being added to retail operations, which means that the consumer is coming in and buying things. so retailerred had to add workers to service them.
12:21 pm
that's kind of a good, positive trend. >> shepard: one more thing. during a recession, those with big money, corporations and others, started just keeping their money. there are trillions of dollars on the sidelines looking for a place to go. is that movement starting. >> it goes beyond that. there's a lot of cash on hand in these companies but the companies have been paying down debt and replacing it with cheap debt because interest rates are so low. so you have a corporate sector in the united states, and in parts of the world -- perhaps not europe -- where the corporate balance sheets simply are healthier, they're stronger so win the investment trends peck up, you have seen some of it begin to happen but when they really pick up, corporate america is going to be in a better position to add jobs and add manufacture, which is where we were weak in these numbers. >> shepard: looking forward to it. okay, fire crews trying to save thousands of homes from the
12:22 pm
wildfires. they're get nothing help from the weather. it's bone dry, hot, and windy, we'll get a live update coming up. insure i'm so glad you called. thank you. can
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and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there.
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>> shepard: wildfire larry. officials at mother nature's mercy as windy weather complicates their work. this is a live look of ventura county. and the flames are just -- it's been awfully difficult to save homes today. this is the size of the city of miami, this fire, and the flames reached pacific coast highway, forcing them to shut done parts of the road. evacuation orders are in place with the fire threatening some four thousand homes.
12:26 pm
let's get to william live on the firelines. where are you, camarillo? >> camarillo, you said, when mother nature gives you the third driest winter on record, 95-degree temperatures, and 40-miles-an-hour winds and a landscape saturate with these light agrees that contain a lot of oil, you'll get what you have right now. you can douse it with water, suffocate it with home and it's futile. so we have a fire burning out of control, 10% contained. 15 square miles have been burned. most of it is in the santa monica mountains, sparsely populated. a few cabins and everyones. very tough to protect because the terrain is very steep. you got 15 structures destroyed or damaged at this point. so you have firefighters basically trying to do structure protection, especially on the subdivisions, have the cut line
12:27 pm
to slow the fire done and then the helicopters and tankers dropping, trying to top the fire from jumping the 101 on the north and pch on the south. four hours earlier when we shot this the fire jumped. >> now, this is green, and may look like it wouldn't burn but underneath here, all this underbrush is dead, and it is burning pretty well. the fire came through here earlier today. this is pacific coast highway. normally a road this wide will provide a significant fire break but as you can see the flames jumped the highway to the point mafu naval air station officials say nothing critical has been lost. the winds remain strong and not only pushing the flames, pushing the embers farther ahead, making the firefighters knock those down, but it's also reducing the moisture content of the brush. the naval bail we -- base we
12:28 pm
talk about. weather is improving, marine layer will come in, temperature goes down, the weekend should look better. >> shepard: need that marine layer in a big way. william, thank you. years thursday a new show of force in the nuclear standoff with iran. the pentagon now has a bomb that it reports can destroy targets deeper underground handever. plus, closing arguments in the trial of the woman accused of stabbing to death and shooting and strangling her own husband. and wait until you hear what jody arias' own attorney just said about his client.
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>> shepard: fox news has now confirmed the pentagon has upgraded its 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb so it can destroy iran's most heavily fortified nuclear sites, or that's what they're telling us, facilities which are reportly deep under ground with hardened con crease. one plant said to be locate judgeneath a mountain. so the military rebuilt the bombs with new guidance system and new fuses that allow them to burrow deeper before the explode. the bunker busters are now the largest nonnuclear weapon in the united states arsenal. massive ordnance penetrator just got a little more massive.
12:33 pm
>> that's right. boeing makes this massive ordnance penetrator and realized they had a problem a year ago. that's when then defense sect leon panetta went to capitol hill and asked for more money so they can fix the problem. basically this bunker buster bomb was not able to dig deep enough to hit iran's buried nuclear program if needed. this bomb, as you mentioned, known as the massive ordnance pen penetrator. many considered it key in the u.s. arsenal to go of the iran's underground nuclear sites. now fox has been able to condition firm that a video demonstration of the bomb that it is improved and ready for use. >> shepard: a message not as much for us folks but for the iranian folks. the pentagon shared this video with this israelis, right? >> that's right. we don't know when they shared that video but we're told by those who saw it that in fact it
12:34 pm
was very impressive, this video of the newly improved massive ordnance penetrator. there's constant sharing of intelligence, and the death secretary hagel was just in israel a few weeks ago. met with the israelis to discuss iran, and to finalize a large weapon sale to the israelis to supplement it conventional arsenal. >> our position is iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. the prevention of iran from developing a nuclear weapon, period. >> the pentagon hopes the upgraded been will give israel confidence that the u.s. has the ability to deal with iran's underground nuclear sites if it needs to. confidence many 0 in the administration hope will deter israel from striking iran on its own, shep. >> shepard: that's a huge building you're working in there i wonder if there's a department of naming things? massive ordnance penetrator? is this someone's joke?
12:35 pm
>> they come up with these names, then they call them -- they don't actually refer to it as such. they of to it as a mop, m-o-p, so it's acronyms. >> insert your joke here, please. jennifer, nice to see you. no verdict today in the trial of the philadelphia abortion doctor accused of murdering babies and a patient. jurors have already gone home for the weekend, happened just a few minutes ago. prosecutors say dr. kermit znel killed four infants after they survived late term abortion attempts, living babies murdered. today the jury asked for help distinguishing among those four babies. staff members at the clinic already testified they saw each one move, breathe, or whine outside the mother's body before they were allegedly killed. the doctor faces murder charges
12:36 pm
of a woman who died of a drug overdose after going to his clinic. if convicted he could face the death penalty. mollie is outside the courthouse. we were surprised they went home so area. >> they went home early and won't we back until monday. the only indication we have as far as what is going on in the jury room of seven women and five men, are the questions they posed to the judge, and the questions today were different than they have been earlier this week, and they focused on goznell directly and not his codefendant. s in the morning session the jury asked the jung for information of the four babies accused of killing. these are the first degree murder charges that could carry the death penalty, and the jury is likely focused on the moments of the babes, trying to decide the key 0 the case, if the babies were alive or dead before the botched abortion before the doctor or one whenever is assistants would -- would cut
12:37 pm
their spinal cords with scissors. after lunch the jury asked for clarification and information on the lesser charges, conspiracy, and running a corrupt organization. so does that suggest they're getting through the 260-plus charges somewhat quickly? we don't know yet but here's what the defense attorney and the assistant district attorney said earlier today. >> a lot of evidence, and jurors want to get it right, and they want to make sure they're deciding it on the right thing. >> should say, too, no comment. >> there is a gag order by the judge on this case. znell has pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> shepard: live on scene in philly. special tonight. fox news reporting see no evil, the case, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central, in hannity's usual time. tonight a fox news reporting special. and closing arguments are
12:38 pm
underway in the murder trial of jodi arias, accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend, stabbing him 2 times and slitting his throat. today her own defense attorney began his closing arguments by saying not once but nine times out of ten county even like jodi arias. that's from her own defense attorney. he also told the jurors, ignore the fact that she changed already story several times. >> if jodi air -- arias was not guilty -- but nowhere in your jury instructions are you asked to convict jodi arias of lying. >> shepard: good grief. once the defense wraps the case finally goes to the jury, and if it convicts jodi arias of murder in the first degree, she could face the death penalty. the jump also toll jurors they could instead consider the lesser charm -- charge of manslaughter. rebecca, it's gone on so long.
12:39 pm
>> i don't know what is going on in this case. i saw the prosecution yesterday deliver his closing argument. the prosecutor is very aggressive. he is very good at what he does. but i don't really understand why they're not just sticking with the facts and keeping the emotion out of it, because we have a juror that now has seen seen this woman on the stand for 18 days. in litigation terms that means they've become knowledgeable of her. we're not saying they like her or dislike her, but having any emotions towards another human being will probably bring them into a lesser than first degree murder with the death penalty charge, because there's some sort of relationship, very strange thing, but we have seen this before in death penalty cases. the prosecution yesterday just kept going on emotion, rather than, i say, stick to the facts the facts are, she changed her story. >> shepard: i seem to remember that. >> over and over.
12:40 pm
her defense attorney today -- he -- what can he say? >> shepard: doing his best. >> of course,. >> shepard: from the very beginning, because of all the minutiae and months we've a dealt with this in the beginning we learned the neighbors are hearing things. there's a ruckus. then all of a sudden he's shot. and the angle -- on and on and on. >> stick to the facts. she changed her hair color, went to the car, put gas in the car front a gas station, stick to the facts that go to intend because that's really what the jury has to focus on here. premeditation or not. an intent to kill or was it, in her claim, self-defense, which would bring here out of manslaughter -- out of fir degree murder into a manslaughter or lesser murder charge,. >> shepard: throughout the entirety of this thing, she did something that was very interesting.
12:41 pm
she -- instead of answering the question of the person who asked hit. she looks at the jury. constantly making contact, eye contact, and eyes with the jury. never faltered from it. and you wonder what effect that had. i'll look forward to hearing from the jurors. >> if they talk. i assume they would and i will say i'm sure her defense attorney did caution her to not get too emotional but when you've get emotional, look at the jury. have them have some sort of thought you're a human being, because what you run and -- chev admitted she did these things, she says she doesn't remember, but what she did is so outlandish, the photos are so atrocious. i've seen them. they are really awful. so, you know, the jury needs to see something to save her from death in the defense. >> shepard: not saying chev is lying. but i do know that she said she remembers the shooting but not the stabbing. the stabbing is the thing that is so personal. it happens right here.
12:42 pm
and 27 times? shing for get to she -- forgot she did it. >> shepard: well cover it, not 24/7/365. >> the united states has few option thursday dealing with syria, and jumping on what the experts are saying, none of them is good. but we'll get the latest from the debate in washington. the dow is still climbing. man: how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there.
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>> shepard: a new report the situation in sirways growing more barbaric by the hour. the rebel groups now claim government thugs massacred 50 civilians in a small village. killed them with guns and knives, even clubs. we can't independently verify much of anything out of syria. cell phone video said to be taken at the scene shows a pile of dead men and boys and is way too graphic for this newscast. but the report comes just one day after the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, said the u.s. is no longer ruling out arming the rebels. with us now the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good to see you. the president later said, this is the same thing we've been saying all along, but didn't sound like exactly the same thing to me, chris. >> i agree. they haven't made a decision to do it, but certainly are considering it. the administration is coming
12:47 pm
under considerable heat bus of the red line the president drew and said if the assad regime uses chemical weapons, that's a redline, game changer, enormous consequences. now, he said in his press conference this week, well, we need a chain of custody. that's the kind of thing you hear about in a courtroom, not in a batfield, and he -- battle field, and he is coming under pressure to do something, and the lest -- the thing that would involve the u.s. the least would be to arm the rebels but you have to figure out the rebels are just nationalists, some are involved in the islamic radicals, involved with al qaeda. you want to arm the former, not the latter. >> shepard: it's hard to figure out who is who. >> except for the fact we have been giving nonlethal aid to the rebels so we've gotten better identifying them according to my sources and have a better idea
12:48 pm
which ones it be safe to arm and the ones not safe to arm. if we do arm them you're going to see us giving them rifles and lower level lethal at it. no no shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles that would be lethal if they fell into the hands of terrorists. >> what do we know about the voices of the advisors to the president? is there a split or unanimity? >> i don't know. what we do know is that last fall, there was quite a split. there was a point, and it came out during the hearings last fall, that before they left, david petraeus at cia, bob gates, and leon panetta, and hillary clinton, all recommended to the president that we start arming the rebels, that he and his advisers within the white house overruled that and decided not to do that. it sure sounds like there is some movement. of course it's a different cast of, whichs at state and pentagon and cia. >> shepard: what you got for the
12:49 pm
next fox news sunday? >> we're going to talking about benghazi. big hearing on wednesday in in supposedly some of the whistle blower are going to come occupy. we'll talk one of the top republicans on the committee, and steven lynch, one of the top democrats, and then we'll talk what you and i were talking about, syria and the boston bombings with senator john mccain. and -- notify it's a big sports fan -- our power player of the week, and i don't know if you ever met him, mike tyson. i sat down with him and he was fascinating. >> shepard: i was hoping maybe you'd get a tattoo on your face out of that that. it looks great on big iron mike. >> well, there arlet of -- are a lot of ways in which iron mike and i don't look the same. ever consider a tattoo on your face? >> after television is over i'll be shaving the head and tattooing.
12:50 pm
no question. >> we'll get together. >> shepard: after television we'll never see each other again. >> that's nice. i'd be friends off camera. >> but i'll hide on an island and if you can get there you can visit. >> okay. >> say hello to the soup lady, i will. see you later. >> we do know who reese witherspoon is. have you seen this? listen to this. >> mam, what tide i tell you to do? >> i'd >> shepard: have you heard this? listen. sometimes we build up teases because we want you to -- i need you to hear this, this is manna from heaven. stay tuned. you have five minutes. it will be time well spent. a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer,
12:51 pm
one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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12:54 pm
>> shepard: reese, reese wit witherspoon plead nothing cop test to disorderly conduct. remember, america's reese pulled out the celebrity card as a state trooper arrested her husband for a guy in atlanta. the officer arrested her as well. look here. >> do you know my name? >> don't need to know my name. you're about to find out who i am. >> shepard: you're about to find out who i am. oh, yeah. we all are. paid the fine. here's john hunt. this is good. >> as reese witherspoon herself would say, it's beyond. watch this. >> i am an american citizen. >> told you to get in the car and stay there. >> this is beyond. >> this is beyond. harassing me, as an american citizen -- i have done nothing against in the law. >> yet you have.
12:55 pm
>> i have to obey your order? >> yes. >> no i, i do not. >> the oscar for outrage goes to reese witherspoon. >> really? obstruct o justice? antiamerican? >> yep, yep. >> wow. >> take you butt first. >> interesting. >> in her defense she didn't at least curse ever. >> shepard: now she is apologizing. >> on abc's good morning america she kind of said sorry, yesterday, and said she has learned her lesson. listen. >> there's so many lessons learned. absolutely. and i will always -- when a police officer tells you to stay in the car, you stay in the car. i learned that for sure. >> back to the dash cam video quickly. listen carefully as the husband wraps it all up.
12:56 pm
>> i'm sorry. i absolutely -- i had nothing to do with that. >> i know. >> mrs. witherspoon, at least your wife tried to save you. charged with dui and charged with lack of gallantry in his case. shep do you know my name? >> the best video of the week so far. ♪
12:57 pm
if you have high cholesterol, here's some information that may be worth looking into. in a clinical trial versus lipitor,
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>> shepard: putting a wrap on things in studio b.
1:00 pm
a fantastic day for the market. the dow is up to an all-time record closing high and at one point it topped 15,000. good numbers, good news, and good for you 401k. see you tonight! read them and leave. the dow charging into the record books, crossing 15,000 for the first time ever for a while, and it has been an impressive week as wellment up 2% just this week. up 14% for the year. and the dow is not alone. the s&p 500 probably a better game -- gauge of the market, climbing above 1600 for the first time ever. wall street got going when the jobs news came out and showed, well, the jobs were coming. the government robert 165,000 of them added to the economy. what is more, the two prior months were revised to show 100,000 more jobs than onlily reported. some folks are saying not strong enough to stop the federal

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